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What I Do

Looking for an expert Real Estate agent who will listen to your needs and get the job done ? Then look no further and give me a call !

Evaluating large and diverse portfolios
Performing properties analysis

Real Estate
Due Diligence

Thoroughly inspecting every aspect of a property, seller, financing, leases, rent roll, easements and more before you purchase the property.


We are Staffed by experienced professionals with legal education, document training, and extensive property management experience.

Real Estate
Market Studies

We help gather information to know, for example, if we should invest in a property or to determine the rental potential of a city or district. In fact, it would be crazy to buy a property without having information to support a purchase of this size.


Lease agreements are a highly specialised and complex area of finance, and we have established ourselves as experts in this area.


Real Estate for beginners - $299

A Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing ยท Different ways to invest in real estate.

Buyer / seller consultation - $50

A home buyer consultation will help you create a winning strategy for finding the perfect place in our fast-paced and competitive real estate market.

Secrets to owning rental properties - $299

Learn the secrets to owning rental properties.